Great Customer Service Makes a Better Vacation Experience!

A friendly smile and a “willing to help” attitude can go a long way when it comes to good customer service. This is especially true when you are on vacation and are looking for some relaxing and stress free time for you and your family.

Unfortunately things do not always go exactly as we planned during our vacation. Mistakes in reservations, less than attentive service at a restaurant, or a rude tour guide during your sightseeing excursion can spoil your vacation fun.

Although most Hilton Head Island businesses take pride in spreading warm and friendly Southern hospitality to our visitors, not every company meets the expectations guests to our Island deserve and have come to know and expect.

To ensure you have the best experiences you can during your Hilton Head Island vacation, be sure to visit the Island businesses that care about your vacation and whose goal is to enhance your Island experience and vacation memories.  Explore the reviews below from others who have spent their vacations on Hilton Head Island and want to share their experiences so you can avoid the less than hospitable companies and their negative impact on your family’s vacation time on Hilton Head and have some fun in the Carolina sun!


HHGS Vacation Package Restaurant Certificates Mistake

My husband and I traveled to Hilton Head Island for a trip with Hilton Head Guest Services and we received $40 in gift certificates to use at various merchants on the Island during our visit as part of our vacation package. We tried to use the certificates at a restaurant and were told by the waitress that the new management did not accept the certificates.

Once home I called Hilton Head Guest Services to let them know that one of their affiliates rejected their coupons. The nice Guest Services Rep apologized and assured me that restaurant should have taken the certificated and apologized for the inconvenience. What she said next shocked me...she said to mail the unused certificates to the Hilton Head Guest Services Office and they would write me a check for $40 which was the amount of the rejected certificates! I was VERY surprised at how nice they were and the fact that they are sending me a check when it was not even their fault is amazing!  I cannot say enough good things about Hilton Head Guest Services and their staff. What a class act!


High Pressure Sales and Rude Salespeople

Do you expect high pressure sales and rude salespeople during a timeshare sales presentation? So did we, but this is not the case at the Coral Resorts Timeshares on Hilton Head. We recently visited Hilton Head Island with the Hilton Head Guest Services vacation package and did the Coral Sands Resort tour. It was very impressive and the customer service reps were outstanding. They were informative, friendly and ther was no high pressure sales at all. When we told them we were not interested in buying a timeshare, they wished us well and still gave us great island tips for activities and places to eat.

Alex R., Knoxville, TN


Southern Hospitality at its best on Hilton Head Island

We just got back from our vacation in Hilton Head, SC and wanted to give an A++++ rating to the staff and accommodations at the Coral Sands Resort. This was our first visit to S.C. and we didn't know too much about where to stay and what to do. A friend told us about the great deal they got at Coral  Sands, so we followed their suggestion and loved the resort and the island. Not only were we thrilled with the accommodations, but the customer service was outstanding. They suggested fun things to do and see on the island and were always friendly and helpful when we asked way too many questions! ;-)

-Jackie S., Princeton, NJ


Customer Satisfaction Still a Top Priority on Hilton Head!

Yesterday my wife and I purchased tickets to the "Spirit of Harbour Town Sunset Dinner Cruise" through Hilton Head Guest Services.  While the cruise itself was great, HHGS failed to mention that we were going to have to spend an additional $25 on our dinner because we were each charged a $10 "port fee" and had to pay $5 to get into Sea Pines Resort. Why weren't we made aware of this while we were purchasing the tickets? 

The good news is that when we went back to the HHGS office and complained, we were given a few extra gifts to compensate for the misunderstanding.  The customer service people were super nice and apologized for the over site and were very generous even though it was not really their fault that Sea Pines charges gate fees and the dinner cruise charges port charges to guests. Thanks for stepping up HHGS!! 

Jeff Keon, Weddington, NC